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Edubricz is what every institutes needs in today’s scenario. To remain in the competition, even institutes adopt the best practices to keep their reputation in the market. Due to this, the Academic administration or the parents can keep an eye on the institute vehicles, get the progress reports, increase teacher productivity in the classroom, and even start virtual classrooms, if needed.

Academic management software is available in different packages so that different institutions can choose the one that fulfils their requirements and fits in their budget. Educational institutions can check the specifications of every package and choose the ones that suit their needs the best. They can also choose to add other features to their default package as add-ons so that they only have to pay extra for the add-on instead of purchasing a completely different package.

Edubricz school management software comes in different deployment options for educational institutions to choose from based on their needs. It is simple, secure, and easily upgradeable software that keeps your institute at the top with its various features for more than 10 profiles. These include school administration, teachers, students, parents, warden, receptionist, accountant, and driver.

With every update bringing in new tools and features, Edubriczis updated regularly to keep the software at par with the latest innovations.

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